What Ever Happened to the Katrina Guns?

Legislation Aimed at Gun Owner Rights
February 2, 2011
Second Amendment vs. Free Press
April 7, 2011

During the aftermath of the Katrina disaster, August 29, 2005, to December 31, 2005, authorities confiscated and/or destroyed legally possessed weapons from their owners, according to news reports and eyewitness accounts. Armed National Guard and Police officers went house-to-house and took the weapons, refusing to provide any receipts and (according to witnesses) even destroying family heirloom weapons on the spot (watch the videos below for details). *update, one of the videos is no longer available and has been removed*

At this point, you can “apply” for the return of your firearm — but there are multiple hoops you have to jump through — and there is no guarantee that they will ever be found or returned. The paperwork just means they will “conduct a search” for your weapon(s). You also have to sign a “hold harmless” waiver, witnessed by a notary, and you may be required to get a court order. There is also a background check.

To learn more about this debacle, visit the City of New Orleans website and begin by downloading the paperwork. (Update, the city took down this link)

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