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June 24, 2012
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August 23, 2012

The latest attack on the right to bear arms once again comes from the democrats (see below for the bill cosponsors. all democrats). H.R. 6241 also known as senate bill S.3458 has been introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy D-NY and is currently in committee. The bill has three primary components with the ultimate aim of preventing online sales of ammunition outright by requiring a photo ID to be presented at the time of the sale, and to limit the amount of ammunition that can be bought at one time to 1000 rounds and to force dealers to report ammunition sales to the government so that your purchases can be tracked.

Previous related efforts by democrats in both the House and the Senate have failed to pass but recent comments by the Supreme Courts most conservative justice, Justice Anton Scalia, will only help to encourage this and additional efforts until eventually gun sales will be pointless because ammo will simply be unavailable. We must remain constantly vigilant against these legislative efforts to overthrow our 2nd amendment rights bu doing an end-run around the constitution.

Bill Co-sponsors:
Cicilline, David [D-RI1], Conyers, John [D-MI14], DeGette, Diana [D-CO1], Ellison, Keith [D-MN5], Eshoo, Anna [D-CA14], Grijalva, Raul [D-AZ7], Hahn, Janice [D-CA36], Holt, Rush [D-NJ12], Lowey, Nita [D-NY18], Maloney, Carolyn [D-NY14], Markey, Edward “Ed” [D-MA7], Moran, James “Jim” [D-VA8], Nadler, Jerrold [D-NY8], Serrano, José [D-NY16], Tierney, John [D-MA6], Van Hollen, Christopher “Chris” [D-MD8], Bishop, Timothy [D-NY1], (joined Aug 01, 2012), Pascrell, William “Bill” [D-NJ8], (joined Aug 01, 2012), Ackerman, Gary [D-NY5], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Andrews, Robert “Rob” [D-NJ1], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Bass, Karen [D-CA33], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Brady, Robert [D-PA1], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Christensen, Donna [D-VI0], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Chu, Judy [D-CA32], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Clarke, Yvette [D-NY11] (joined Aug 03, 2012), Connolly, Gerald [D-VA11], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Cummings, Elijah [D-MD7], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Davis, Danny [D-IL7], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Doyle, Michael “Mike” [D-PA14], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Engel, Eliot [D-NY17], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Farr, Sam [D-CA17], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Fattah, Chaka [D-PA2], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Fudge, Marcia [D-OH11], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Hastings, Alcee [D-FL23], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Johnson, Eddie [D-TX30], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Levin, Sander [D-MI12], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Lewis, John [D-GA5], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Matsui, Doris [D-CA5], (joined Aug 03, 2012), McGovern, James “Jim” [D-MA3], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Meeks, Gregory [D-NY6], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Miller, George [D-CA7], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Napolitano, Grace [D-CA38], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Rangel, Charles [D-NY15], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Rothman, Steven [D-NJ9], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Sánchez, Linda [D-CA39], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Sarbanes, John [D-MD3], (joined Aug 03, 2012), Schakowsky, Janice “Jan” [D-IL9], (joined Aug 03, 2012)

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