Philadelphia Police Don’t Like Gun Owners

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May 16, 2011
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June 8, 2011

A recent case involving Mark Fiorino, who recorded his experience with the Philadelphia police, has garnered a great deal of interest in the treatment of law-abiding citizens who have the right and the permit to carry weapons openly or concealed. But this is not an isolated event for the Philadelphia, Pa’s finest.

An article by Stephanie Farr of, dated August 31, 2010 offers several other examples of this type of ignorance of the law by law enforcement officials. The article tells the story of nine men, all of whom were arrested and had their guns confiscated (and never returned), despite the fact that they had the legal right to carry.

These cases are going to civil court now and at least one has settled out of court, according to the article. Most of the men involved refused the “settlements” offered – ranging from $3500 to $7500 dollars. Two were held for over 18 hours and two were hospitalized due to diabetic issues stemming from not being given their medications while detained, according to the article.

The charges against the men have been dropped, but their weapons have not been returned. Some have not had their concealed-carry permits returned either.

The Fiorino case is still to be determined, but the audio tape certainly does not flatter the officials involved in this case. According to a report by Fox News, “Lt. Raymond Evers, a spokesman for the city police, told that gun owners who open carry, which is legal in the city, may be asked to lay on the ground until officers feel safe while they check permits.”

Once the recording was uploaded to YouTube, Fiorino was charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment, says the Fox article. But, listening to the tape leaves little doubt which party was reckless and disorderly – not to mention foul-mouthed.

This is the third time Fiorino has been stopped for openly carrying, and says that is the reason he carries a recorder. Spokesman Evans said Fiorino was looking for trouble because he was using a recorder.

It will be interesting to see how this case unfolds.


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