“Must Inform” States

California Tracks All Guns – Not Just Handguns
June 8, 2011
Wisconsin Permits Concealed Carry
August 12, 2011

Some states that allow Concealed Deadly Weapon permits also require permit holders to inform police officers of their weapon and CDW license when stopped.

This sounds like common sense, but as the video below illustrates (quite graphically), that it is not always easy. Warning: This video is not intended for children or those easily offended by strong language.

This video was discovered on CCWbyState.com and illustrates the shortcomings of the language of the law covering this requirement in Ohio, and the practical shortcomings of being able to inform if the situation does not easily permit a driver to do so.

If you live or plan to travel through a must inform state, please become familiar with the letter of the law in that state.

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