Legislation Aimed at Gun Owner Rights

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January 17, 2011
What Ever Happened to the Katrina Guns?
March 17, 2011

In the last couple of weeks, a bill (H.R. 308) has been proposed to limit the number of bullets in the magazine in your weapon (brought to you by Democrat Carolyn McCarthy of NY). It not only would ban the sale of these, it would make you a criminal if you possess one, unless you can prove that you owned it before the bill was passed. Read the entire bill.

A second, more far-reaching one (The so-called Common Sense Concealed Firearm Act of 2011), has proposed that you prove your worthiness and need before being permitted to carry a concealed weapon — in ANY state in the union.

From Boxer’s own press release:

“Senator Boxer’s legislation would require all states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons to establish permitting processes that would include meaningful consultation with local law enforcement authorities to determine whether the permit applicant is worthy of the public trust and has shown good cause to carry a concealed firearm.”

Under this legislation you aren’t worthy unless proven worthy, and you are placed in a position to have to prove a need to carry a concealed weapon, rather than exercising your right to do so as a law-abiding citizen. If this passes, carrying a concealed weapon will no longer be a right, it will merely be something you can petition for through your local law enforcement organization. Isn’t that comforting?

These are just a couple things we thought you might like to know.

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