How Effective is the “Stop and Frisk” Policy?

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April 12, 2012
Synchronized Military Routine with Weapons
June 20, 2012

Aside from the trampling of individual rights and the claims of profiling… how effective is the New York Police Department’s practice of “stop and frisk” for individuals? According to data gathered by the New York Civil Liberties Union indicates that the practice is not only ineffective, but that since 2002, it’s become even LESS effective (82% being innocent in 2002 and 89% being innocent in the first three months of this year.)

Another “profiling” aspect of the objections to these practices are outlined by breaking down the numbers of each race that are stopped. The majority of those stopped are black and Latino, with only a small percentage of those stopped and frisked being white.

For more detailed statistics on the history of this practice, visit the NYCLU page.

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