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The Best Protection Through Superior Chemistry

What elements are required to create the best cleaning, conditioning, lubrication and rust protection for your favorite rifles, pistols, shotguns and other firearms?

To create Steelgard® Firearm Protector, we wanted to use the highest level of technical expertise to develop a winning formulation that was powerful, safe, and easy-to-use. And we succeeded!

Then, we wanted to test it against a competitor! Now, we want to share the results with you!

Want to know how Steelgard® measures up to the competition?

We did too, so we set up a series of extreme conditions tests for steel panels...


During QCT testing, metallurgically identical steel panels are coated with each product independently. These panels are then placed with a single side exposed within the QCT humidity cabinet. 

The panels are placed over top of two channel reservoirs of water. The temperature of these beds of water is cycled through heat and cool cycles in intervals.

The resulting condensation and evaporation process accelerates corrosion and rust and enables side-by-side testing of rust inhibiting and protection products.

This provides an accurate comparative test of multiple products under extreme conditions.

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We observed the following results with Break Free vs. Steelgard®. Break Free tends to foam when sprayed, whereas Steelgard® goes on smoothly.

"Break Free" not only failed to protect the metal in our tests, compared to Steelgard®, but it also left an oily film.


After five days, the panel on the left with Break Free shows signs of rust damage, whereas the Steelgard® one (on the right) is flawlessly protected.

And after nine days on the QCT machine, the difference in protection between Break Free (on the left) and Steelgard® (on the right panel) is even more dramatic.

A Couple Case Studies

Seeing laboratory experiments is great, but sometimes hearing from real life experience and seeing photos of real-world results is even better. Here are a couple examples, one from a gunsmith and the other from our own company president on how Steelgard Firearm Protector works in situations we all hope our guns never experience. These are prime examples of why we call this Steelgard product "Firearm Protector" -- quite simply, it's your weapon's saving grace.

Remedy for Carelessness

Dear FireArmProtector,

I recently received a revolver from a customer that had been placed in a wet ammo box after a day at the range was cut short due to a thunderstorm.  He also put his two automatic pistols in the same wet box.
Then He Forgot About Them!
When he came across them, he brought them to me, still in the ammo box.  The pistols were not in too bad of shape but the revolver was completely seized up, nothing moved.
I took the grips off the revolver and placed it in a ZipLoc bag and hosed it down liberally with Steelgard Firearm Protector and sealed it.  I stripped down the pistols and did the same.
I let them soak for 4 days and then checked them.  The pistols after being wiped down were ready for cleaning and reassembly.  With the revolver I was able to open the cylinder and move the hammer and trigger.  I gave it another hosing and put it in a fresh bag with some more Steelgard. After letting it soak for another few days I was able to disassemble it for a proper cleaning and it now works perfectly.
Thank You Steelgard for turning what could have been a nightmare into one of the easiest jobs of this kind I have received.
I’m hooked, I will use Steelgard for all my Firearms applications and by the way, it works great on automotive and farm applications as well.
Thank You for a Great Product,
John D Kramer
John’s Gunsmithing
Orwigsburg, Pa.

Recovery Condition

Someone we trusted was given the keys to our house. This person, it turns out, was anti-gun. A couple days later, I was planning on going to the range and I discovered that my range bag with my handgun and ammo were missing. I didn't want a gun with my name on it loose in the streets of Philly, so I reported the gun missing. I thought it was gone forever.

About a year and a half later, I was wrestling the Christmas tree up on the shelf when I saw my range bag in the corner in a puddle. Apparently this was where it landed when the once-trusted individual grabbed my gun bag and threw it down in the basement.

We have an old house with a dank basement (that sometimes gets water). It's offers possibly the worst possible conditions imaginable for a gun. I took the bag upstairs and braced for the worst as I opened it. The bag was covered with mold and the boxes containing the ammunition were completely disintegrated, but my gun had been protected by Steelgard Firearm Protector... and it looked fine!

I always clean my gun after use, but I don't always hit the exterior of the gun every time I clean. The interior and all the working parts are cleaned properly every time, but the exterior only gets treated every two or three times I shoot.

When I looked at my gun, a S&W MP, there were only two tiny specks of rust on the exterior. The internals were in perfect shape!

I had to dispose of seven boxes of ammo (safely of course), and I had to invest in a new range bag, but my handgun was in great condition.

I brought it into the lab to have the barrel inspected (and photographed) before I used it for the first time after the discovery.

I'm the President of the company and I knew our product was good, but even I was surprised by the protection offered by Steelgard Firearm Protector. I'd like to share some of the photos from this experience with our customers, both current and future, because seeing is believing!


Steelgard® around the house, on the road, and in the shop


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