February 23, 2012

Free “Gun Facts” eBook

The good folks over at are offering a free ebook: Gun Facts: Your Guide […]
January 13, 2012

Giveaway on A Girl And Her Gun Blog

A Girl And Her Gun is offering $300 toward any reputable beginning self defense shooting […]
September 20, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Australian singer, Steve Lee, serenades one of his favorite things in his music video “I […]
August 12, 2011

Wisconsin Permits Concealed Carry

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has approved concealed carry for its citizens. The state assembly […]
July 28, 2011

“Must Inform” States

Some states that allow Concealed Deadly Weapon permits also require permit holders to inform police […]
June 8, 2011

California Tracks All Guns – Not Just Handguns

On June 2, with a 47-29 vote, the California Assembly passed AB 809 which eliminates […]
May 25, 2011

Philadelphia Police Don’t Like Gun Owners

A recent case involving Mark Fiorino, who recorded his experience with the Philadelphia police, has […]
May 16, 2011

Courts Say Illegal Home Invasion is OK

April 7, 2011

Second Amendment vs. Free Press

March 17, 2011

What Ever Happened to the Katrina Guns?

During the aftermath of the Katrina disaster, August 29, 2005, to December 31, 2005, authorities […]
February 2, 2011

Legislation Aimed at Gun Owner Rights

In the last couple of weeks, a bill (H.R. 308) has been proposed to limit […]
January 17, 2011

A picture is worth 1000 words…

December 29, 2010

Conceal Carry: Selecting The Best Weapon

So you have your license to carry, but the piece you own isn’t really the […]
November 27, 2010

Reloading Bullets: Savings vs. Hassle

There is no doubt that the purists among us will, eventually, consider reloading ammunition. It’s […]
September 20, 2010

Hunting Season: Every State’s Dates!

Before you go out to hunt, double check the season’s dates for your particular state: […]
July 6, 2010

Concealed Carry Across State Lines

Traveling across state lines with a weapon can land you in legal trouble, if you aren't familiar with the laws of each state. Learn before you drive. Determine your path to ensure that your CCL is recognized before you go.


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