Scores of gun owners report that “Steelgard® Firearm Protector” is the best product they had ever encountered, oftentimes replacing 2 or 3 previous products for cleaning, care and maintenance.

We have received glowing feedback from gun collectors, gunsmiths, sports enthusiasts, police and owners of inherited, antique and sentimental weapons.

This formulation of “Steelgard®” for firearms represents a unique market for the Harry Miller Corp., but Steelgard® is by no means new or untested. It has been in use since the 1960s in industrial environments.

We developed “Steelgard® Firearm Protector” with a convenient spray-on delivery system, in a variety of sizes, to serve gun owners seeking an all-in-one solution for their weapon maintenance tasks.

Thanks for choosing Steelgard® Firearm Protector!

It won’t disappoint.

Proudly Made in the USA.

We offer our products exclusively through this website and select dealers. If you prefer to buy “Steelgard®”at your local store, please encourage your retailer to contact us for dealership opportunities.

  • Mike Lubas
    I use Steelgard on all my hunting firearms, trap guns and revolvers. A quick spray down the barrel followed by a brush or swab or a spray and wipe on the outside totally prevents rust. When the action on my trap gun is fouled by powder residue during heavy use, a shot of Steelgard cleans and lubricates it for continued use.
    Mike Lubas
  • Lorrie Wiltrout
    Several years ago I used Steelgard, for the first time, on my flintlock after deer hunting on a snowy day. The gun was totally wet and fouled from being fired several times. The Steelgard spray quickly removed the black-powder residue in the barrel and on the pan and lock. I gave it a quick wipe and the next weekend when I wanted to go hunting again, there was no rust anywhere on the gun nor any slippery oil film or solvent smell. It was ready to load and use. Now I use Steelgard on my flintlocks after every use.
    Lorrie Wiltrout
  • Andrew Minnick
    My father-in-law introduced me to Steelgard. I keep a can on top of my gun safe so it is handy to use on my guns before storing. A spray into the action and down the barrel, and on the exterior, followed by a bore patch and quick wipe has proven to be an effective cleaning agent and great rust preventative, even when condensate formed after applying Steelgard on a cold gun.
    Andrew Minnick
  • John Kramer
    I have had a chance to try it out on quite a few guns and have to say it is wonderful! Some of the guns I recently used it on were really gunky and had minor surface rust. By applying it to the rust and gunk and letting it soak in for a while, most times I was able to remove these problems easily, some gunk took more than one application and soaking but it worked excellent for the really hard places where it is difficult to get a brush, swab or even a pipe cleaner in and made the actions work smooth as silk. After cleaning and using it instead of regular gun oil, it really brought out the sheen of the blued metal parts and made the colors of case harden really stand out and look absolutely beautiful. One customer had an old double barrel shotgun that I worked on for him and he said that he didn't remember the gun ever looking so good. I am very happy with Steelgard.
    John Kramer
    John's Gunsmithing
  • Frank Gross
    Ordered 3 cans and they sent 6 as I was the first online customer…..works good inside for cleaning and light coat outside. It stays very wet on patches and breaks down build-up inside barrels quite fast especially if you let it sit for 5 minutes or so.
    Frank Gross

Complete Protection


EASY-TO-USE Clean & condition new weapons and antique or sentimental firearms while protecting them from moisture and rust.

POWERFUL & SAFE Powerful enough to remove established rust and safe enough to submerge and soak your weapon's metal parts.

WINNING FORMULATION Spray on, wipe off formula to spend more time hunting, shooting and enjoying your weapons; less time maintaining them.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Developed by an ISO Certified American chemical development & engineering company with 80+ years of experience.

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Clean, Lubricate, Condition & Protect In One Step


Steelgard® Firearm Protector is an industrial grade, three-in-one firearm protection product designed to clean, protect and improve the reliability and smooth operation of all weapons.

It doesn’t matter what firearms you prefer — from the most discretely-sized concealed carry guns and collector antiques to high-powered automatic rifles and black-powder muzzle-loaders — Steelgard® Firearm Protector has you covered! Steelgard® cleans, lubricates and protects your weapon of choice in one easy step.

Why buy, store and carry three products when you can do it all, and do it better, with Steelgard®?

Specially formulated Steelgard® is a solvent-based cleaner providing a clean layer of protection from rust and moisture — not a layer of oil to attract dirt, grime and dust to “gum-up” the works.

Our product can be used in hot and cold environments, which makes it the perfect field companion for hunters, hobbyists, law enforcement, military personnel, and all gun owners.

Everything in life should be this simple!


FirearmProtector.com can help you eliminate the first threat by offering our own Steelgard® — an easy-to-use, industrial grade, three-in-one firearm protection product — developed to clean, protect and improve the reliability and smooth operation of all weapons.

As far as that second threat to your weapons is concerned, we can’t eliminate it for you — but we can help keep you informed. Knowledge is power. Our blog is designed to share information important to freedom-loving, weapon-owning individuals.

Our goal is to help you protect the weapons that protect you.

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.

— James Madison, The Federalist Papers


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