STEELGARD: The Best Protection for Your Guns


FirearmProtector’s Steelgard® is an industrial grade, three-in-one firearm protection product designed to clean, protect and improve the reliability and smooth operation of all weapons.

It doesn’t matter what firearms you prefer — from the most discretely-sized concealed carry guns and collector antiques to high-powered automatic rifles and black-powder muzzle-loaders — Steelgard® has you covered!

Steelgard® cleans, lubricates and protects your weapon of choice in one easy step.

Everything should be this simple!

Why buy, store and carry three products when you can do it all, and do it better, with Steelgard®?

Steelgard® is a specially formulated, solvent-based cleaner that offers a clean layer of rust and moisture protection — not a layer of oil. Why no oil? Because you want to be certain nothing attracts dirt, grime and dust to “gum-up” the works.

Our product can be used in hot and cold environments, which makes it the perfect field companion for hunters, hobbyists, law enforcement, military personnel, and all gun owners.

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Want to learn more about Steelgard®?

The Story of Steelgard’s “Steelgard®” represents a new selling approach for the Harry Miller Corp., but the product is by no means new or untested.

Harry Miller Corp., the inventor and producer of “Steelgard®”, is a family-owned, business-to-business specialty chemical manufacturer located in Philadelphia, PA. The company was founded in 1936 and is certified to the ISO-9001:2008 standard.

“Steelgard®” is a registered trademark of the Harry Miller Corp., which designates a family of rust preventives with a variety of attributes. The specific formula “Steelgard® 1505-B” was developed by the company’s laboratory as an industrial, solvent-based rust preventive for long-term storage of metal parts. Additionally, it was designed to leave a dry film to prevent tackiness while simultaneously providing lubrication where there was metal to metal contact.

Several years ago “Steelgard®1505-B” was made available in spray cans as a promotional item for use around the home (please see the back label for additional uses). Over time, scores of recipients reported that “Steelgard®” was the best product they had ever encountered when used on their firearms, oftentimes replacing 2 or 3 individual products.

Feedback came from gun collectors, gunsmiths, sports enthusiasts, police and owners of guns that had been passed down over the years as a legacy.

Marketing studies revealed a niche that “Steelgard®” fills exclusively, so Harry Miller Corp. redesigned the can, made it available in a variety of sizes and is now targeting the firearms market exclusively through retail and web distribution. If you prefer to buy “Steelgard®”at your local store, please direct your retailer to our site for bulk purchases.

The Company Behind Steelgard®

Harry Miller Corp, a Philadelphia-based custom chemical company, has been in business since 1936 and continues to stay on the edge of the custom chemical market. Harry Miller Corp knows metal — whether that metal is “blanked” into sheet form, extruded, or “drawn” into parts for an automobile engine, or drilled and honed into the barrel of your favorite revolver.

The chemical specialists in our labs have developed the best solution available to resolve every cleaning/protection issue you encounter while maintaining your firearm. The base Steelgard® product has been on the market since 1960, and has proven itself under a myriad of typical and extreme conditions and offers the best 3-in-1 protection for your firearm investment.

Creating the perfect chemical mixture for your needs is what we have been doing since the 1930s. Technologies change, needs change, but the desire for the best possible solution is always here — and we meet and exceed your expectations every time.

Thanks for using Steelgard®. We won’t disappoint you.

Proudly Made in the USA.